Reading Readiness Camp (Ages 4-6)

Reading Readiness Camp is designed to promote language and early literacy skills in children ages pre-K through first grade. With the guidance of two Speech-Language Pathologists, campers will engage in song, play, art, and rhythm and movement activities that target foundational skills such as vocabulary development, sound awareness, blending sounds together to make words, rhyming, and recognizing letters. This week-long camp will be offered in two separate sessions (morning and afternoon) to allow for small group sizes and individualized help. Each camper will be provided with materials that support caregivers in helping their children practice learned skills at home.

This camp will be suited for children who:

  • were late to start talking and have difficulty learning new words
  • leave out small words in sentences (e.g., "I going to park.")
  • don't recognize any alphabet letters
  • have difficulty drawing shapes that look like letters
  • have difficulty rhyming 
  • can’t repeat at least parts of nursery rhymes.
  • can’t tell you the actions happening in a picture book (e.g., running, jumping, eating)
  • can't tell the difference between the front and back of the book, or don't know how to hold it the right way up
  • can’t name simple things in books
  • struggle to read at school and would benefit from small group, intensive instruction before school starts

Dates: July 30-August 3, 2018

This year's Reading Readiness Camp has been cancelled. Please check back for updates on future camps and groups at Monterey Bay Speech Therapy!