Appointment Types

Phone Consultation

Prior to scheduling an evaluation, you may wish to consult with one of our therapists to discuss your/your family member's primary areas of need and, ultimately, to determine whether evaluation and treatment is the best course of action. We provide a free phone consultation up to 30 minutes in length, at a time that is convenient for you. 


Initial Evaluation

Your first visit to Monterey Bay Speech Therapy will be your initial evaluation. Your therapist will go over information you provided in your consultation and on your intake forms to arrange a battery of assessments, often a combination of “formal” (i.e. standardized tests) and “informal” (language sampling, discussing personal patient goals). Next, your therapist will work with you to determine:

  1. Whether or not there is a need for continued follow up services (i.e. for adults, if there is a need and the potential to benefit from services; for pediatrics, if your child’s language abilities are below the normal range for their age)

  2. Your treatment goals (what do you want to accomplish by coming to therapy?)

  3. The estimated frequency and duration of treatment sessions it will take to meet your goals

  4. The treatment techniques and home exercises you will utilize to reach those goals

Once these questions are answered, you'll receive a report summarizing the above information and results of all assessments. This report can be sent via email or picked up upon your next visit.

Initial evaluations are offered at our office.

$200 per evaluation


Individual Therapy Sessions

At Monterey Bay Speech Therapy, our sessions are 45 minutes long and include direct client treatment, opportunities for client and family practice of targeted skills/interventions, and suggestions for home practice.

We'll use each of your therapy sessions to build on previously learned skills by reviewing  your personal implementation of these skills, identifying your successes and analyzing ways in which you can better utilize these skills to reach your goals as we move forward. 

We understand that time with our clients is limited, so we aim to offer strategies to carry learned skills over into daily activities.

Therapy sessions are offered at our office.

45-minute sessions: $100

We currently accept Central California Alliance for Health (CCAH) as well as checks and all major credit cards. Should you have another form of insurance, we are happy to provide you with a superbill that you may submit to the insurer; however, we cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement for our services. 

Service Types

Speech and Language Therapy for Adults

Speech, language, and voice therapy is designed to help adults with speech/voice production and receptive/expressive language difficulties. Many individuals experience speech, language, or voice difficulties as a result of strokes, brain injuries, brain tumors, and neurological diseases (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, Bell’s palsy, cerebral palsy).

Voice disorders may also stem from voice overuse, as in the case of teachers or public speakers whose profession often necessitates speaking for long periods of time at a high volume. Voice disorders such as vocal fold paralysis, vocal nodules, and spasmodic dysphonia can often cause speaking to be a painful and difficult experience.

Speech, language, and voice therapy helps clients improve vocal quality, understand language, articulate words, speak more loudly, and express themselves more clearly. We can also provide assistance with selection and implementation of alternative communication options and amplification devices when appropriate.

Speech, language, and voice therapy is offered at our office and via Skype.

Speech therapy is appropriate for clients with:

  • Difficulty finding words in conversation

  • Difficulty saying words

  • Poor comprehension language

  • Writing difficulty

  • Reading difficulty

  • Fluency disorders (like stuttering)

  • Hoarse, harsh, breathy, or quiet voice

  • Vocal tremor

  • Unclear speech production/slurred speech

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is a good option for clients seeking assistance with attention, memory, problem solving, and complex reasoning. It is common to experience cognitive changes after strokes, brain injuries (e.g., concussions, hematomas), brain tumors, and lengthy respiratory failure.

We provide training across a broad range of circumstances including remembering important details, recalling names and places, managing medications and schedules, paying bills, calculating costs, managing finances, and paying attention to multiple activities. At Monterey Bay Speech Therapy, we work with clients to improve as well as accommodate for their cognitive changes.

Cognitive therapy is offered at our office and via Skype.

Cognitive therapy is appropriate for clients with:

  • Brain injuries, strokes, brain tumors, and other neurological disorders

  • Difficulty remembering new information

  • Difficulty remembering personal information

  • Lack of organization

  • Difficulty problem solving in daily life (e.g., reading a map, arranging appointments, managing a schedule)

  • Difficulty with managing personal finances (e.g., budgeting, calculating costs)

  • Poor attention to difficult tasks

Accent Modification Therapy

Accent modification therapy teaches a client a new dialect or accent. In our clinic, we provide this service for clients who wish to speak with a Standard American Accent (SAE).

Therapy begins with an in depth assessment of a client’s current accent, use of grammar, inflection, and understanding of American English vocabulary. Therapy then targets the various aspects of language that the client and therapist feel affect the client’s speech the most. Clients are given home practice exercises after each session to maximize improvement and teach clients to self-monitor.

Accent modification therapy is available at our office and via Skype.

Accent modification therapy clients frequently wish to:

  • Speak with members of the community more easily

  • Speak more clearly at work

  • Be understood over the phone

  • Prepare for written or oral examinations

Voice and Communication Therapy for Transgender/ Transsexual Clients

At Monterey Bay Speech Therapy, we uphold first and foremost that gender is a spectrum, and there is no stipulation that transgender or gender-fluid individuals must have a voice or communication style that matches the gender with which they identify.

However, we also recognize that many transgender individuals find that their voice does not reflect the person they know themselves to be on the inside. We also acknowledge that there are often, unfortunately, safety reasons for which a transgender person would benefit from use a “passing” voice in certain social contexts.

Voice muscles are a particularly fragile part of the body, and as such are highly susceptible to injury with misuse; therefore any new vocal habits are most safely established under the guidance of a licensed professional with understanding of both vocal range and pathology.

We are honored to work with this specialized population, helping our clients to meet their individualized goals. Evaluation and treatment sessions are  offered both in person as well as via Skype. Transgender clients may choose to target one or all of the many parameters of communication that convey gender. 

Voice and communication therapy is offered at our office and via Skype.

Voice and communication therapy is appropriate for clients seeking changes in:

  • Vocal pitch/range (to use a higher or lower voice)

  • Intonation, or the melody of speech.]

  • Resonance, or the tone/quality of speech

  • Vocabulary, or word choice

  • Nonverbal communication, such as mannerisms and body postures/positioning

Speech and Language Therapy for Children

Speech and language therapy for children involves individualized treatment programs tailored to a client’s specific needs. We value the strengths, preferences, and interests that each child brings to the table, and we work with families to identify these first and foremost.

At MBST we recognize that motivation is the key to progress, and we want therapy to feel safe, comfortable, and fun so that true growth may occur. Our therapists offer speech and language therapy to children ages birth to 18 with a variety of needs.

Speech and language therapy for children is offered at our office.

Speech and language therapy is appropriate for children with:

  • Receptive/Expressive Language Delay

  • Articulation (Speech Sound) Delay

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Speech/Language Delay related to Hearing Loss

  • Speech/Resonance Issues related to Cleft Palate and Velopharyngeal Dysfunction

  • Early Literacy (Phonological Awareness)

  • Fluency (Stuttering)

  • Social and Pragmatic Language

Still not sure if speech and language therapy is appropriate for your child? Check out the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) website for information on typical speech and language development.